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Posted on 2007.03.29 at 17:52
Dang, it's Thursday already.
Spring break is going by way too quickly!
Too much drama going on.
Yet, it's been kind of relaxing.
Kind of.

2625 Update!

Posted on 2007.03.07 at 20:53
Life at 2625 still sucks...
It has gotten a lot worse.
Probably the most uncomfortable dinner EVER last night.
I thought we were all friends?
But how can you be friends with people who just don't care?
Who have no common courtesy?
Who make you hate going to the house every single day?
Who make you want to stay out of the house as much and as long as possible?
What is the definition of friendship?
You have to give respect in order to recieve it.
I've contemplated packing my suitcase with Roomie and just simply leaving.
I want to feel appreciated.
I want to feel like I live with people who want me there.
I want to feel like I live with people who enjoy my company.
I want to feel like I live with people appreciate me.
Sadly, I don't.
And I don't think I ever will as long as I live here.
I hate the fake-ness.

Done "Venting".

its funny...

Posted on 2007.02.02 at 17:54
It's funny how horrible people can make you feel and it seems that they don't care. They don't care that what they do and what they say really does hurt people. Sometimes I have to ask myself what did I do to deserve this? Sadly, I can't find the answer to that question, maybe because the answer doesn't exist and I really don't deserve this, so what am I suppose to do? Let these people hurt me and walk all over me and just continue to suffer? Just doesn't seem right... but then again, who cares, right?

Amazing Night.

Posted on 2006.12.16 at 01:11
It's amazing how the boys in my house can ruin my night but just a little bit of fun can go along way making the end of my night AMAZING and WONDERFUL and I wouldn't have traded it for ANYTHING! =)


Posted on 2006.10.23 at 16:28
Current Mood: sicksick
I think I'm catching a cold.
Sucks like you don't know.
Plus, I work all week and I have test on Friday.
My throat is KILLING me.
I don't want to get sick.


Posted on 2006.10.02 at 07:30
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
I hate it when people drive way to close to the person in front of them on the freeway because then they are forced to constantly use their break and all you see is flashing red. IT'S SO ANNOYING!

(I meant to write this last night, but I was busy watching a movie and then I went to sleep)


Posted on 2006.09.28 at 14:03
Current Mood: contentcontent
First day of classes was yesterday.

I guess I like my classes considering I'm a sophomore and I got last pick out of classes because the freshman had the wonderful-ness of summer start and go to chose their classes before ANYONE. Just WAIT until next quarter... yall are going down!! I'm taking Sociology 255 (Criminal Justice), Psych 240 (Social Pyschology) and Liberal Studies 123. Good thing is I only have classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Tuesdays and Thursdays I get to sleep in! =) Hopefully I get a job though, NEED MONEY!! A lot of reading this quarter, and since I basically have the house to myself on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it's PERFECT reading time and I actually enjoy it, weird eh?

Oh, and party is going to happen at our house. Maybe reunion type thing? As soon as we get grill. Whenever that is....

Oh, and Alice and I started Netflix, which is going to be cool. MOVIES!!! =) We're getting "Stick It" and "V for Vendetta." I'm not sure which mailbox is ours so I'm not going to actually go and check the mail right now, although I kind of want to... So yeah, that's a little update for you.


Posted on 2006.09.06 at 12:50
Current Mood: sadsad
I just want to wake up from this nightmare. Too bad it's reality.


Posted on 2006.08.29 at 21:51
I just got back from another wonderful trip in Hawaii. It was so amazing and so much fun and everytime I go, I remember how much I love and wish I could spend more time with my family. Here are a few pictures (believe me, I took A LOT more, just too lazy to upload them) from Hawaii

Hawaii PicturesCollapse )

Posted on 2006.08.13 at 14:58
Going to Hawaii for 2 weeks starting Monday.  I'm EXCITED!  =)

Want anything cool?  Call the cellular anytime between August 14-28th. 


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